Divide & Conquer is now Hedengren Agency

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Hedengren Agency is a small agency that wants to help you with all your digital needs. We offer our clients help with concept development, digital strategy and identity, design, and development.

You might know us as Divide & Conquer, but now we're Hedengren Agency. Same Helena, same Thord.

Clients since we started

Bonniers Konsthall

Cancer- och allergifonden

Centrum för rättvisa



Council of the Baltic Sea States

D.A. Mattsson

Estetiska Institutet

Föreningen Norden

H&M Foundation

H&M Group

Heroic Signatures


MT Ledarskap

Nordic Public Affairs

Pernod Ricard

Real Advokatbyrå

Savoy Baur En Ville

Svenska Afghanistankommittén

Sveriges förenade studentkårer



Talking Minds

The Absolut Group

The Fashion Pact

Vitamin Well Group


Ward Wines

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Hedengren Agency, by Helena and Thord, has been in business since 2018. Together they have over 40 years of experience in the communication industry.

Helena Hedengren has worked as a production manager at communication agencies for over 20 years. She’s got ample experience from digital projects, print campaigns, commercial TV spots, and PR. Helena has worked with some of Sweden’s most premiere brands, companies, and institutions, including the Royal Institute of Technology. She worked with them for nine years, bringing awareness to recruit more female students to engineering programs.

Thord Hedengren Thord Hedengren
Helena Hedengren Helena Hedengren

Thord Hedengren is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience of online products. He was one of the voices covering the rise of the blogosphere, and both designed and developed blog networks and verticals. His books on WordPress have sold over 150,000 copies, and he’s an avid supporter of the open source community, as well as a speaker and columnist. 20 years means that Thord has worked with a lot of brands. Some of those include Bonnier Magazines & Brands, GB Glace, Sony, and the Swedish Institute.

Helena Hedengren Helena Hedengren
Thord Hedengren Thord Hedengren

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